Pelosi: Anti-Abortion Laws About ‘White Guys’ ‘Fear’ of Women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Wednesday at the 2019 Center for American Progress Ideas Conference, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said the laws passed in several state legislatures banning abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected was about “fear” of women.

Pelosi said, “This is about family planning. It’s about birth control. They like to argue the case in some words that aren’t true but are alarming to people about abortions that must take place in the late term, the health of the mother whatever, but they describe it terribly, and it has a market. That’s why they do it. What woman should know is this is not about just that. It’s about family planning, and access to women’s health, it’s about in vitro fertilization to have babies.”

She continued, “This is about lack of respect for woman. This is about some fear that is in our community, our society about women having the ability to have the size and timing of their families working with their husbands, with their doctors, with their God whatever it is, but to just see it as a choice issue is one piece of it. It’s about lack of respect, and it’s reflected when they won’t give equal pay or family medical leave, which really benefits woman and the rest.”'

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... didn't you notice the gov. of AL is a woman of your generation?

Actually the nascent push to ban abortion is about fecundity. The birthrate in the US is now 1.7 children/woman. The rate keeps dropping, too. If it continues even with very liberal immigration policies, the US pop'n will be half what it is now by 2100 or so. This has the gov't peeing itself. The financial implications are disastrous.

Roe was a gamble. The gov't thought if women could abort, the big bulk of them would choose not to. They bet wrong. Millions of would-be new, eventually tax-paying citizens are aborted every year. Turns out when allowed to, women by and large avoid reproducing.

I can't say I blame them. But there is this problem: only women can have kids. The state needs children. It doesn't have much choice.

In the abstract, the state doesn't care one way or another if women get abortions. What they do care about is getting replacement citizens. In the same way the state dismisses men's rights to be free in the face of military threats (hence conscription), it dismisses women's right to get an abortion.

If women were in fact having kids at replacement or better rates, there'd be no push to challenge Roe coming from the states. But don't think the gov't at multiple levels is not in on the challenge of Roe. Decades ago they gambled that given the choice, women in general would elect to have babies. They lost. Now they are starting the long and arduous process of pushing toothpaste back in the tube.

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the recent flurry of abortion laws has nothing to do w/ 'replacement' people in those states. its about treating a developing human being w/ some dignity. I remember the arguments pro and con during the limited abortion debate the press originally allowed. it was all just like now, feminist driven. the ussc didn't even bother to go through the usual procedure of vetting what is/is not considered for a vote. feminists demanded it and the manginas gave it to them, and pronto. arguments like 'late term/partial birth abortions will never be used' quickly and quietly fell to the wayside. the unborn
are brutally attacked in and out of the womb. brains sucked out and sharp implements are used to mutilate and cut into pieces those unborn humans trying their best to join us. then we have usual feminist lies about how they really don't sell the body parts for profit. we all saw the hidden videos showing the wheeling and dealing for baby body parts. the recent n.y. lunacy of killing babies even after birth was not the 1st time this type legislation has been tried, and it won't be the last. this is about good vs evil. I don't attend church or believe in G-d the way the people around me in the South do, but I have lived long enough to recognize evil when I see it. personally, I believe while a fetus is unformed, has no heartbeat and feels no pain, then a woman should determine its fate. however, when it begins to take human form and other human characteristics, it deserves protection, just as a 'born' baby should. they have no voice, can't vote and thus are left to the mercy of the most unscrupulous among us. demanding women be allowed to kill a baby when it can be fully viable outside the womb is just the latest bunch of half men butt kissers trying to prove they are good little servant boys doing what they are told. btw, don't believe one of the other promises feminists made, like abortion will never be funded by taxpayers, is true either. smart people know how feminist groups shift $$ from one pocket to another. w/o tax $$ abortion clinics, er, excuse me, family planning centers, could not exist. imho, congress-critters (primarily slime-ball lawyers) being able to freely tax people and apply that $$ to secretive agendas will lead to the end of this so called 'civilized society'. gov free stuff to special interest groups can never be withdrawn, can't even be honestly discussed because of the creepy press, and thoroughly contaminates all it touches.

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