Colleges’ “Woman-only” Scholarships May Violate Title IX. But Is There a Loophole?

Article here. Excerpt:

'In yet another example of how the “equality” agenda makes some people more equal than others, certain American universities still offer scholarships open only to female applicants — and perhaps are in violation of often selectively applied federal regulations. And while these schools are now coming under added scrutiny, there could be a little known loophole that would allow the continuation of the discriminatory policies.

The College Fix names some of the offenders, writing, “The University of California, Davis offers at least two scholarships exclusively to women through the Women’s Resource and Research Center. The university’s Ellen Hansen Memorial Prize is ‘awarded annually to a … woman-identified student,’ while the center’s Eva Shicke Memorial Prize funds female students wishing to pursue gender-related research.”

“The center’s Graduate Summer Research Award ‘invite[s] applications from students with marginalized gender identities,’ among which it lists ‘women, transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folks.’ It is unclear if men are excluded from applying,” the site continues.'

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