Syrian women prove "Femina" is possible

Article here. Excerpt:

'Fatma Emin's life changed forever when her husband died in the Syrian war, killed by ISIS in a land mine attack.

It triggered a series of events that would bring her to Jinwar, a village built and inhabited by women -- a refuge for Syrian women and their children fleeing a rigid family structure, domestic abuse and the horrors of civil war.
Jinwar means "women's land" in the Kurdish language. The village welcomes Syrian women and children, regardless of religion, ethnicity and political views. It is a mosaic of diverse women who want to experience freedom, democracy and a new form of life.

"Jinwar is a response to every person who thinks of violating a woman's freedom, or sees the woman as the weaker sex in the society, or that she can't manage her life or manage her children," Emin told CNN by phone in Arabic. "On the contrary, a woman can build her house. Here we are -- we built a village not only for Kurdish women, but we have Arab, we have Yazidi and some of our foreign friends are also living with us."'

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Good for them! This shows that "Femina", a territory inhabited only by women, is possible. This town is not really independent but on a larger scale could be. That they plan to allow the boys to stay shows their resolve isn't quite there yet, but still, they clearly can do it. And allowing men to visit during the day? Hmmmm. They have work to do. OK, it's not quite the man-free idyllic society it could be. Yes, they need to tighten their resolve some. But it's progress.

Anyway, so why don't the many disgruntled feminist women of the peaceful part of the world do it? If these women can do it in the middle of a combat zone then what's stopping America's feminist cohorts?

I'm really quite disappointed in our feminists. They seem to be losing their mojo. Back in the 70s they were all about separatism and so on. Some even revved up the engine and struck out and made a go of it! But they lacked the backing. Now though I bet they could get it. They could get the money and space and do it.

But no. They're dilly-dallying. I am unimpressed. It's like they're not half the bra-burning, ass-kicking, nut-busting bitches their grannies were back in the 70s. Now they just form big puddles of SJWs and cry about things. Sad, really.

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