World's biggest brothel swamped with millennial adult virgins 'not interested in sex'

Article here. Posting this more as an oddity-of-note. The 1000-lb. gorilla is of course the effect of feministing young women so badly that even really horny young guys would rather play games and wank to porn than put up with them. Excerpt:

'Dena told Daily Star Online: “I have noticed that there are more adult virgins than ever before coming to Sheri’s so that they can lose their virginity to a prostitute and learn the proper ins-and-outs of sex.

“While I’m not sure if these late bloomers are visiting us because they have been immersed in video games and virtual worlds throughout their teens, it does seem to make sense.

“Millennials” – who reached young adulthood in the 21st century – have been claimed to be having less sex.

The General Social Survey revealed that the share of men under 30 who aren’t having sex has tripled in the past decade.

Men under 30 who said they hadn’t had sex in the past year has increased to 28%, according to the figures.

The figure for women was 18%, with an increase of 8% over the same period.'

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does robot sex count as having real sex? if so, its really the same as a woman using artificial/mechanical (a.m.) means to achieve. her method just takes a diff form, but same principle, and logic. so if having robot sex is cheating for men, then why isn't doing it a.m. the same for women? just something to ponder. when it comes to what sex is, we should really ask billy-boy what a.m. sex is is.

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