San Antonio Student Group Publicly Name Men Accused Of Sexual Assault

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women claiming to have been sexually assaulted held up signs with the names of the men they were accusing – seven names in total. None of the men had been convicted, yet their names were allowed to be publicly displayed. Some of the men had been investigated by the police or university and not punished, meaning there was likely insufficient evidence to find them responsible (or evidence they were innocent).

The women were part of a student group called Change Rape Culture, which, based on the name, suggests the group has bought in to the idea that sexual assault is an epidemic and the broad definition of what sexual assault entails.

The San Antonio Express-News, which reported on the event, did not identify the names of the men “because the accusations have not led to a criminal charge.” The media outlet spoke to one of the founders of the group, Kimiya Factor, who said Change Rape Culture investigated the claims against some of the men.

Friends of some of the accused students appeared at the event to defend them and take photos of the women for possible forthcoming lawsuits. One student, who knew three of the accused men, claimed the women were “just making false accusations.”'

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