Female attorneys sue after being forced to remove "No Mansplaining" signs

Article here. Excerpt:

'Three former female assistant district attorneys who worked for the office of Third Judicial District Attorney Mark D'Antonio are claiming they were harassed and retaliated against when they brought up concerns with human resources.

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico filed the lawsuit on Monday.

In the complaint, Cassandra Brulotte, Kelly Rossi, and Rebecca Duffin allege the district attorney's office violated the Fair Pay Act for Women, the Whistleblower Protection Act, and the New Mexico Constitution’s Free Speech Clause.

They claim they were sexually harassed and discriminated for displaying and refusing to remove "No Mansplaining" signs on their doors.

“We’re bringing this lawsuit not just because of the injustice we faced, but for the community of Doña Ana County,” said Rossi. “If the DA’s office can inflict so much harm on its own female staff members, how can we trust it to obtain justice for the countless female victims of domestic and sexual violence the office serves? The community deserves to be represented by attorneys who respect and value women and who are passionate about promoting gender equity and justice.”'

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... still hiring female attorneys? They're just going to sue their employers over things like having the right to post anti-male signs at work. It just gets nuttier and nuttier.

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affirmative action (a.a.).

it explains everything wrong w/ our society. think about it. w/o a.a. they wouldn't have made the grades to get into law school. w/o a.a. they wouldn't have made the grades to graduate law school. w/o a.a. companies/gov wouldn't have been forced to hire them. w/o a.a. companies/gov wouldn't have been forced to promote them. w/o a.a. feminist judges would never have been allowed to practice skewed, unethical law. oh, and its not just a disease of the lawyer class anymore. paths are made much easier in medicine, engineering and everything else considered hard to accomplish. its kinda like trying to discuss barry's forged cred's, you are not allowed to talk about it.

don't u just love it when one of these losers gets some special award/promotion/etc. and then spikes the ball like 'she did it on her own'? i'm retired now so its really like watching a comedy of errors unfold. I predict this rush to the bottom will doom us all in the end.

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As well as redefining rape, gender and violence, the feminist left is now attempting to redefine "harm", reframing any restriction or criticism of a woman's speech or behaviour as an act of violence.

Applying rules of acceptable professional behaviour to all staff, regardless of sex, race or religion (OMG), should now considered an act of violence against women. Well, according to women.

The arguement has already be raised by feminist jurists that "equality before the law" is sexist. We will soon have two criminal codes and two codes of conduct, one for women that is compassionate, excludes any jail time and acknowledges women as perenial victims of patriarchy, and another for men that is objectively harsh, mandates capital punishment or lengthy prison sentences and acknowledges male privilege (i.e. the presumption of guilt....... for everything).

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... but just barely. Reason being, employers have the right to regulate nearly anything an employee may do or say while either at work or on the employer's property. Further the employer can manage the environment (including what signs get displayed) within legal limits. Those limits don't include allowing employees to post whatever signs they feel like.

It ultimately comes down to landlords' rights: their house, their rules.

What's remarkable is that these women are so sure that they'll win that they're taking it to court. Calculating the effect suing an employer and esp. over this kind of thing may have on their careers, they're going ahead anyway. Remarkable. What it tells me is that today's feminists have been so indulged that they actually think openly misandrist signs are not only acceptable but their right to display even at work, even contrary to their employer's wishes. That's how far gone things have gotten.

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