If men are just so bad, why do women still date them?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Grace, a 31-year-old copywriter from Washington, D.C., cannot understand her own compulsion to date men. “I’m bi, so I could theoretically make my life about 25 times better just by cutting out romantic interactions with men,” she tells me. “But I find men fascinating, and I feel sort of magnetized toward them, even though they’re so deeply lacking in self-awareness, lazy and often gross.” Sex is a big part of the reason she keeps coming back for more. “I love fucking them and being fucked by them, and when sex with men is good, it’s outrageously good,” she continues. “It’s just not good very often.”

Grace describes men as “universally trash,” and says that dating women feels easier — almost disconcertingly so. (“We can’t both be the adult in the relationship, can we? How does this work?”) She suspects she’ll keep dating men, even though the experience leaves her “on the brink despair and yearning for something better.” Still, she believes she must be getting something out of it, even though it’s not clear exactly what that is.

Over the past several years, there has been a growing acknowledgement among people — young women in particular — who date men of their failings, aided by social media platforms like Twitter where users come together to commiserate about their abject romantic and sexual experiences. The controversial phrase “men are trash” has become a rallying cry for those fed up with harmful, oblivious and just plain shitty male behavior, reaching a crescendo in September last year when the phrase and associated hashtag trended. The #MeToo movement has shed light on male violence and institutionalized abuses of power, and digital media platforms are increasingly willing to discuss the quotidian disappointments of dating men like the orgasm gap and burden of domestic labor. Dating men, it seems, is no picnic.'

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... but women have literally known this for countless millenia yet still keep coming back for second helpings of Man. Why? The same reason men still put up with women. Just like this one woman, despite her bisexuality, she keeps coming back for more Man. And it's bc she loves to get fucked hard.

Well us guys have this thing about fucking women hard and long and so we keep coming back for more pussy.

It's that simple.

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... and am reinforced in my decision to fuck women and do nothing more with them. Thankfully more women are feeling that way about men and so now's a good time to be in it only for sex.

Why couldn't there have been more 20-somethings like this back in 1990??

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When an ideological feminist has insight into her behaviour, and confronts the internal inconsistency of both loving and hating "bad boys", we can see why feminists will always hate men, and why men will never change.

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The girls I fuck despise me yet keep texting me to fuck. It took 3 decades for me to figure out how to make women come after you vs. the other way around.

Frankly I suspect they go for assholes because we're safe. Knowing they can never develop genuine feelings for you, they can never be emotionally hurt. So they pick assholes over decent guys.

I act like an asshole toward them. They have no idea I'm actually a really decent guy. That's bc I don't let them know that.

Consequently I'm safe for them to just get fucked by and they expect nothing from me so I deal with no typical "relationship" bullshit.

Insidious but eminently practical. Life is an applied science, not an ideal state. Hey if you wanna get laid, you gotta get real. It's like anything else. To get what you want, you gotta be ruthless.

Ruthlessness gets a bad rap. Ruthlessness is simply the quality of letting nothing stop you. It's really just another word for "pragmatic". Feminists and SJWs are demonstrably ruthless in pursuing power, fame, etc. So are politicians and the assholes at work. Just sayin'.

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