Inside the Near Meltdown of Roxane Gay and Christina Hoff Sommers’s Australian Mini-Tour

Article here. Excerpt:

'Given his previous work covering subjects like Islamic extremism and atheism, Desh probably didn’t anticipate that a conversation between two American feminists, both frequent contributors to mainstream publications, would spark one of his career’s messiest episodes, complete with legal threats and prolonged negotiations over whether the event’s video footage would be released. But that’s what happened. And it’s a rather telling, colorful story of what happens when the highest ideals of civil conversation collide with the realities of public-intellectual stardom and a thoroughly tribalized social media ecosystem. The saga shows that working through disagreement in this political era can be a bit more complicated and fraught than merely getting two disagreers onstage together.

“Surely we can have a class that shows young men how not to victimize,” Gay responded, eliciting raucous cheers. A minute later, she reiterated that idea: “Really, all of these problems could be solved by men learning to not rape.” More cheers and applause followed.'

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... this Desh guy he'd have nutsery on his hands in no time. Arguing with a SJW is akin to debating a religious fanatic. In either case the SJW/fanatic is starting from Point Crazy while you are starting from Point Rational. Plus there is no intersecting points. Without a common point genesis there can be no constructive dialogue. It's a lost cause.

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