UK: Anne Widdecombe: 'There's no argument for positive discrimination'

Article here. Excerpt:

'The former politician made the comments on the drive show with Dan Wootton, during a discussion on whether a man or a woman should replace Strictly Come Dancing judge, Darcey Bussell.

"If a woman could replace Len Goodman, why shouldn't a man replace Darcey Bussell? What's the difference?" Ms Widdecombe said.

"Are we going to decide things on merit, or are we always going to decide things according to a gender, a sexual orientation, colour and age, and all these other things."

She added: "There is no argument at all that makes it right to discriminate against someone, which is what you do in positive discrimination."'

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Great example of an empowered, independent woman, who practices the 70s style feminism, when it was really about liberation and not gender warfare.

Sadly, modern feminism is so tainted by radical ideology, victim idolatry and gender hatred, more young men and woman think of it as an extremist hate group than a progressive movement. Feminism is dead as an aspirational basis for a better world.

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