Some Microsoft employees allege policies 'discriminate' against Asians, white men

Article here. Excerpt:

'The backlash against the tech industry-wide push to hire more women and minorities has flared again — this time at Microsoft.

Some employees on an internal message board questioned the tech giant's efforts to shift the demographics of its largely white and Asian male workforce, asking for evidence that a diverse workforce benefits Microsoft. Eighty-seven percent of Microsoft employees are white or Asian and more than 73 percent are men, according to the company's most recent diversity report.

"Does Microsoft have any plans to end the current policy that financially incentivizes discriminatory hiring practices?" asks one post written by a female engineer on Yammer, the internal message board. "To be clear, I am referring to the fact that senior leadership is awarded more money if they discriminate against Asians and white men."

The criticism, first reported by online news service Quartz, is similar to a highly publicized dust-up at Google in 2017 when James Damore was fired from his engineering job after writing a controversial memo on an internal message board taking issue with the search company's efforts to address the shortage of women and underrepresented minorities in its ranks, arguing that the low number of women in engineering roles reflected biological differences.'

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... when it's the discriminated-against complaining that they are discriminated against. This time, Asians are getting lumped in, too.

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someone should point out that women are now acting out exactly the thing women have been accusing men of since forever. namely, that the thing between your legs is not a brain and no matter how much loved, will never qualify you for standing in the academic or working ranks of successful stem professionals. this is the childish equivalent of holding your breath until you get your way, thereby proving what everybody already knew. gov needs to quit forcing companies to participate in this pandering nonsense. it is hurting everyone.

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