Joe Mathews: Gender parity in elected office should be a legal requirement

Article here. Excerpt:

'South Pasadena’s new mayor recently appointed 18 people to voluntary local commissions in the San Gabriel Valley city.

Routine? Yes, except for one thing. All 18 appointees were women.

Mayor Marina Khubesrian’s appointments were a small-town stroke for gender parity. Before the appointments, about one-third of all commission appointees in South Pasadena were women; after, more than half of all commissioners were women, just like the population of the city itself.

But the move inspired critical media coverage and public grievance from men claiming discrimination. The mayor later added three men to her list of appointees.'

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... is the same thing as fiating representatives to people and removes the discretionary choices voters have in direct elections. In short, it thwarts the will of the voters.

Equal opportunities don't entail equal outcomes. But electing feminist mayors definitely produces unequal outcomes as this example shows.

How the author can look at this as anything other than election-fixing is beyond me.

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