Spain: Popular Party chief attacks “left-wing feminists” ahead of Women’s Day

Article here. Excerpt:

'Spain’s Popular Party (PP) has announced it will not be attending the demonstration in Madrid for International Women’s Day on Friday, March 8. In a press release, the opposition conservative group defended its decision on the grounds that the declaration that will be read out at the march is “politicized” and “partisan.”

“Far-left parties want to monopolize this demonstration, looking to create division and conflict between men and women, and even between women of different ideologies,” the party stated.
Later in the day, at an event with the candidates for the regional elections of May 26, Casado had more to say about the women’s march and strike. “I have a daughter and a son,” he said. “I don't want to live in a country where my daughter is pitted against my son. I don’t want to live in a country in which women demonstrate, or where there are colors for women, or there are demands from women that pit them against those of their [male] colleagues, against the other half of the world. I don’t believe in trying to collectivize society due to sex, age, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs.”'

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