Majority Of Republican Women Say Sex Discrimination Isn’t A Problem

Article here. Excerpt:

'Most Republican women said gender discrimination is not a serious problem in the United States, according to a new HuffPost/Yahoo/CARE survey.

Only 30 percent of Republican women polled said gender discrimination is a serious problem, compared with 74 percent of Democratic women.

“I’m not saying it never happens, but I think it’s blown out of proportion and used as an excuse,” said Melissa, a 45-year-old Republican survey respondent from Sacramento, California, who asked HuffPost not to reveal her last name because she doesn’t want her co-workers to know she voted for Donald Trump in 2016.

Similarly, only 26 percent of women who identified as Republican said unequal pay between men and women working the same jobs was a serious problem, compared with 63 percent of Democratic women.

(A majority of women in both parties did say gender bias and the pay gap were problems ― but far more Democratic women identified these issues as “serious.” Read the full survey and analysis here.)'

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... that you'll get opposite results if you survey Dem women. Further fair to say that the Dem party is among other things the party of feminism while the GOP is the party of... well, at least as far as these matters are concerned, the party of common bloody sense.

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...because republican women don't look for "sexism" everywhere, unlike democrat women.
It's the same here in the U.K.

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