Australia: PM wants women to rise but not solely at expense of others

Article here. Excerpt:

'Scott Morrison has suggested that women’s advancement should not come at the expense of men, in an address to mark International Women’s Day.

Speaking to the Chamber of Minerals and Energy in Western Australia on Friday, Morrison said the Liberal party wanted women to rise but did not “want to see women rise only on the basis of others doing worse”.

The prime minister’s comments echo remarks by the minister for women, Kelly O’Dwyer, at the National Press Club in November, rejecting the view that “girls doing well must mean that boys do badly”.

Morrison said O’Dwyer’s message was that “gender equality isn’t about pitting girls against boys”.

“See, we’re not about setting Australians against each other, trying to push some down to lift others up,” he said.'

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Actually, liberal values uphold feminism and feminism has been about pushing men and boys down to get women and girls to surpass them now for over 50 years. There are liars, damned liars, and then there are politicians.

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