Women rule in Louisville courtrooms as male judges come 'pretty close to extinction'

Article here. Excerpt:

'When voters elected the first judges to Louisville's new Jefferson District Court in 1978, only two were women.

Now, only two are men.

Women hold 32 of the 40 judgeships in Jefferson County — including 88 percent of the seats on District Court. And women have vanquished men in 15 of the last 17 head-to-head judicial races.

As District Judge Stephanie Burke, who won two of those contests, put it, male judges in Louisville "are coming pretty close to extinction."'

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... to remedy the gender imbalance. In a press release, NOW's president said this was far from the desired state and that official positions should reflect a gender balance of 50/50 as much as possible. They called for man-only short lists for candidates from both parties until the imbalance is rectified.

LMAO!! That was a good one!

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