Jordan Peterson Confronts Australian Politician on Gender Politics and Quotas

Video here.

Dr. Jordan Peterson and prominent Australian Labor Party politician Terri Butler, clash over quotas in parliament on Q&A's Monday night panel.

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... pointed out that equality of opportunity doesn't entail equality of outcome for people based on group identities. The point is that women should of course have as much chance to run for office as men. But democracy says the people elect their representatives from the pool of all candidates, not from a subset of candidates cherry-picked based on things like race and gender.

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Q+A is soft left forum on the aussie national broadcaster (ABC) loaded with ambush audiences and running on memes of memes of memes.
JP hardly had to say much to look like a stellar intellect.
The stand out moment was when the Q+A host (a wrung out aging journo) attempted to taint JP by showing a clip of Milo Yiannopoulos.
Another forum guest expected to roast JP on the transgender issue ended up agreeing with him instead.
What a giggle!

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