Can Men Sue Colleges Under Title IX?

Article here. Excerpt:

'I’m not just going to throw cold water all over this idea because there are plenty of things wrong with the way Title IX has been abused by liberal activists across the nation. But is there truly some sort of inherent prejudice against men in college admissions and resource allocation? And even if it’s true, would the young men (particularly the white young men) stand any chance in the court system?

It’s the second question that gives me more pause than the first. Any time you take a law designed to afford protection to any minority, be it based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or anything else and try to turn it on its head to defend those perceived to be in the majority, it doesn’t generally end well. Liberals will immediately take up the standard cry of, “There is no such thing as reverse racism.” That concept can and will be quickly translated to cover reverse sexism and all the other isms thrown into the mix.

Even if the logic of such a defense is a bit clunky, the majority of the media will be onboard with it. “Oh, is the poor, entitled, white boy feeling left out? How sad.” And even if they don’t say it aloud, there will doubtless be a tone of comeuppance among those criticizing Reynolds for this suggestion. “Yeah… we were on the short end of the stick for centuries. Let’s see how you like it now, Bubba.”'

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