Amber Tamblyn: Susan Collins a Victim of ‘Male Grooming’ on Kavanaugh Vote

Article here. Excerpt:

'“A great example of male grooming [in politics] would be something like Susan Collins,” Amber Tamblyn told The Hollywood Reporter.

“(T)his idea of a singular woman who upholds the patriarchal system, keeps it in place, and errs on the side of the men she works with, no matter how wrong the situation may be, in order to uphold the system instead of siding with people who are asking her not to do that, which are predominantly women, literally screaming and banging down her door in the case of the Kavanaugh hearings.”
The 35-year-old actress admitted last year that President Donald Trump’s election win upset her so much that she considered giving her baby away to be raised in another country like Canada.

“A dark realization swallowed me: I was going to bring a baby into this world. And not just any baby: a girl,” she thought on election night, and reportedly imagined “if she should give her baby away to Canadians or Swedes.”'

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The ways feminists appropriate words charged with negativity to use in describing anything they don't like never ceases to amaze me. You have to hand it to them. They're really quite good at it.

"I supported Kavanaugh because I... I... I was GROOMED by MEN around me. I was... SEASONED. They metaphorically tied me to a bed and began shooting heroin into me, then they took turns violating me as I lay tied down on a filthy mattress... I have been GROOMED and SEASONED by filthy pig-men..."

Yes, seasoned. She was as good as seasoned like those girls in that British film, "The Seasoning House". (Don't see it, it's utterly disgusting. I walked away in shock and needed therapy after seeing it. It was more traumatizing to me even than "Nymphomaniac" which I had to stop watching when she gave herself a wire hanger abortion.)

Feminist hyperbole is unmatched.

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It's amazing that it doesn't occur to her how condescending her comment is to her fellow females. I get a similar response when I point out to feminists that women are the majority of the electorate, and thus don't have much room to complain about gender balance among politicians and in representative bodies. The comeback is always: "Well, women have just been brainwashed." Well then, should a subset of the population that is so susceptible to brainwashing even have the franchise at all? The feminists who make such arguments have just written their sisters off as so many gullible children, and Amber is doing the same thing with Senator Collins.

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