State bill targets sexism, gender disparity in National Guard

Article here. Excerpt:

'A proposal to create a new high-level position in the Vermont National Guard aims to root out “soft” harassment of women that is hurting recruitment and retention, according to the lead sponsor of the bill.

Rep. Jean O’Sullivan, D-Burlington, said the culture in the military and the Vermont National Guard was male-dominated and generally “toxic” for women.

One goal of the proposed new position, chief diversity officer, would be to provide an avenue to report improper comments and behavior that don’t rise to the level of sexual harassment or assault, but are enough to cause women to not extend their service in the Guard for as long as men, O’Sullivan said.'

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Isn't Vermont like super-crunchy already?

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How much do we need to coddle women? Do we have to bend over backwards to make them happy? Serve them lollipops and rainbows in bed?

If women don't sign up for the Coast Guard, it's no great loss. Women aren't needed--especially if we have to kiss their patooties to get them to stay. I say, let 'em go.

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