How Does a Straight White Male Democrat Run for President?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Still, the straight white men—including Biden and Sanders—are not being irrational by hesitating. Yes, they are risking a loss of media buzz, A-list staff and access to donor networks by allowing others get a head start. But they have good reason to tread carefully. Issues pertaining to race and gender are bound to be prominent in the campaign, and white men do not exactly have the best track record of dealing with them.
One question that will be particularly tough for any male candidate: Why shouldn’t the next president be a woman? After all, just among the five female members of Congress already in the field, Democratic voters can choose among different ideologies, geographic and demographic backgrounds, and types of experience. With so many qualified choices, shouldn’t the male candidates just get out of the way?'

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... are woefully inadequate as choices because of their nutty positions on issues.

Our first female president will either be a conservative Democrat or a middle-road or left-leaning Republican. We're still waiting for her to show up and throw her hat into the ring.

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