PTA president: Why we shut down a public elementary school’s 'father-daughter’ dance

Article here. Excerpt:

'It is that time of year, apparently, when “father-daughter” dances are staged, like one that took place at a Phoenix school a few days ago and was spotlighted in a cheerful Fox 10 newscast.

But not everybody likes such celebrations, it turns out. In New Hampshire, the Valley News reported on a mother named Jennifer Meade who attended a father-daughter dance at a community association that has held such an event for about two decades. She went with her boyfriend, 7-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter, but she and her son were asked to leave.

Now she is questioning the tradition — and she is not the only one. This post looks at why one elementary school just shut down such a dance. It was written by Marney A. White, a clinical psychologist and an associate professor of social and behavioral sciences at the Yale School of Public Health. She took a sabbatical this year to serve as president of the PTA at her child’s elementary school and as a practicing clinical psychologist. She is a graduate of the University of Virginia and has a master’s degree from James Madison University.'

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The mothers are jealous of their daughters. It's that simple.

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Very sad that this woman so hates and devalues the unique relationship between a father and daughter, that in her view of the world, it is only worth celebrating as "one of many" relationships that must be celebrated together.
I guess she really just hates the idea of fathers and daughters having something in which she isn't the central focus. But thats misandry all over. Its all about removing anything that celebrates or acknowledges men or their place in the family as valued or unique.

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It's simple age-old mother-jealous-of-daughter trussed up in a new form. Nothing more than that.

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