Misandry in the Man-Cave

Article here. Excerpt:

'For millions of American men, football is both an outlet and a pacifier.

It makes sense. In an increasingly secular America, men’s headship role in family and society at large is nearly completely debased. Where men once led their wives and children, they have been replaced by a paycheck. Where men once led their communities, they have been replaced by the administrative state. Fewer and fewer venues remain for men to fulfill their natural desire to lead and to serve. Even and especially in churches, men find themselves disaffected and disposable.

So football (an implicit celebration of the heroism men are denied in their waking lives) becomes an obsession. Of course.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, a whole lot of men of every generation have devoted themselves weekly to hours by the television, fantasizing and prognosticating about the strength or cerebrality of their favorite players and teams. Whether one’s football heroes succeed or fail, ritualistic devotion to players and franchises hardly waivers. Operating as the homily they no longer receive in church, the football game tells an archetypal story week by week in consistently interesting ways. As they watch, American men become witnesses to the virtues programmed in them by natural law but rooted out of them at work, school, and everywhere in between by the reigning misandry of the day.

This misplaced religiosity when it comes to football does not surprise. Football remains one vestige that does not extinguish the masculine virtues but instead exalts them. One would be hard-pressed to find another venue in this day and age which does not—at least tacitly—admonish men for being who they are. Watching the NFL allows men vicariously to experience the life they wish to live from the comfort of a recliner. However superficially, a man can experience from watching football that which is no longer available to him in the world outside his man-cave. By this proxy, men may shamelessly taste victory, valiance, male camaraderie, and the cheerful support of beautiful women.'

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