Girls-only Scouts BSA troops established

Article here. To be fair, starting out single-sex is probably best. Mixing boys and girls especially heading into adolescence is looking for trouble.

'Boys are now excluded from the Boy Scouts:

"The Boy Scouts of America welcomed the establishment of Troop 86 in Vulcan and Troop 219 in Helena on February 1st. But these two troops are different -- no boys, all girls. The first two of their kind in Central Alabama. With the formation of these two troops, a debate has taken hold. Some think this compromises the central mission of the Boy Scouts, whereas other believe it gives girls new opportunities that they never had before."

It won't be long before men are excluded from the pulpits of Fake Christian "churches" too. This is why our ancestors didn't allow women to join men's groups in the first place.'

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'English-speaking and especially Celtic-American women are not like other white women. There is a pronounced mean-spiritedness to them culturally. They do not like men except in wanting to be men and in taking pleasures away from them. Anglo men have been living with and creating shrews for 3-4 generations now. Even a Continental "feminist" tends to be sweeter and more at ease with her sexuality than an Anglo-American "conservatives." Watch Tucker Carlson and tell me those are "women" he interviews? 

Feminism arose in England for a reason. Once I abandoned those women (my ex-wife is a Daughter of the American Revolution, i.e. a cold Anglo monster), all of these strange, unpleasant, pins-n-needles issues disappeared. The girls in Austria, Switzerland, and dare I say parts of Germany are like hot Latinas compared to American women, but white and much prettier (less backwater blood).

I have never, ever advised anyone to leave America to get a wife as most Americans are of various British ethnic groups and probably think the behavior of American women is normal. It is not. I now tell people when they ask: just don't date/marry the American ones, the Australian ones, god-help-you the Canadian and Scottish ones, and you will be okay.'


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So true.

Women from non-English speaking countries tend to be a lot more friendly. Especially to men.

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I have discovered that Hispanic women (ie, Mexica women, not women from Spain or those whose ancestors were from Spain and now live in Mexico -- they are still from a fundamentally Celtic background) are a LOT nicer than Celtic-descendant women vis-a-vis men. I don't even bother talking to white women anymore unless I can't avoid it. As for Hispanic women being approachable by white men -- by and large, yes they are, a lot moreso than are white women. I see no reason to go looking for sex partners among white women when Hispanic women are so much more friendly and accessible.

Is it worth relocating to a place with a lot more Hispanic women in it? Yes, it is. :)

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