City commissioner resigns following face-licking, groping allegations

Article here. Excerpt:

'City Commissioner Nancy Oakley is off the job for good.

Oakley resigned from her position after being fined by the state ethics commission for supposedly sexually harassing former city manager Shane Crawford.

Crawford claims Oakley licked his face and groped him during a public event in 2012.

The state ethics commission fined Oakley $5,000 and called on the governor to issue her a public reprimand.

City leaders, during a special meeting Wednesday evening, accepted Oakley’s resignation and approved a resolution that publicly censures her for her behavior.

"We believe that this is the right thing for the organization to do and shows that we are committed to moving the organization forward," said city manager Jonathan Evans.'

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... when at a public event, and you are the ranking official, avoid consuming half your weight in red wine either before or during the event.

"Ladeeesh and genteelmens, I am prroud to *lick, lick* introdussse our past hot, hot hot, damn I wanna fuck him so bad, citee manager... *grope, lick, grope*..."

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