Campus groups fighting masculinity stay silent on APA decision to deem trait harmful

Article here. Excerpt:

'Efforts on college campuses nationwide to combat so-called toxic masculinity are in full swing, and a recent decision by the American Psychological Association to offer guidelines calling “traditional masculinity” harmful likely buoyed those efforts.

But officials who run such programs are not ready to celebrate it publicly, at least not yet. If they see it as a victory, they’re not talking about it, at least to The College Fix. Nearly a half-dozen campus programs working to reduce traditional masculinity on campuses declined comment.

MasculinUT at the University of Texas at Austin declined to comment as they are currently under review by a steering committee to define the mission of the program, according to campus spokesman J.B. Bird.

MasculinUT “was launched in 2015 as a program to help reduce sexual assault and interpersonal violence, with strategies specifically tailored to men,” according to the university.'

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That the APA declares "some forms" of masculinity harmful/toxic all but means these groups have "won". Problem is: Where do you go now? Do they keep doing what they have been doing, holding seminars attended by the organizers and no one else? I mean, just where do you go when you hold a victory party attended by no one?

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