UK: Opening Up Women-Only Scholarships Undermines The Fight For Equality

Article here. Excerpt:

'Last year, the Joanna Randall MacIver junior research fellowship, which was established in the 1930s exclusively for women specialising in the humanities, was opened up to all genders. This decision was made by the senior committee of the university – the Oxford Council – in response to accusations that the award was discriminatory on the grounds of gender. Retracting a fellowship for women in an institution which has historically left women by the wayside is a controversial move to say the least. However, this decision presents us with an opportunity to consider the place of women-only scholarships in our university and ask the question: Is it ever right to discriminate?

Today, the need for these type of scholarships is less pressing, but there is still a place for them in Oxford. In 2018, for the first time in its history, Oxford admitted more women than men. However, this progress is not reflected higher up in the university ranks. The 2017 Equality Report, which examined diversity in senior academic roles, including heads of department and associate professors, revealed a worrying gender disparity. Only 30% of academics are women, and this shows no sign of improving; over the past five years, the number of women in these roles has fallen. To correct this, the report recommended that women receive sufficient support throughout their careers, particularly in preparing for senior roles.'

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Are they about giving gifted scholars a chance to study, or are they about getting X class of person a promotion?

Based on the author's reasoning, women-only scholarships will be needed only until women comprise not just parity but a majority of people in EVERY desirable type of position in the university and indeed, society. It is a thing with feminists that they say "Yes, but what about women in X?" every time someone points out how well women as a class are doing in some endeavor.

Eventually they'll be down to saying "Yes but there is still a near total absence of women in ordnance disposal and refuse collection. So we need women-only scholarships in English and Physics until that changes."

Feminism is practically a religion.

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