John Stossel on "How Feminism Fails Boys"

Video here.

'Inequalities such as: Men die 5 years earlier than women, have more dangerous jobs, and are often passed over for custody of kids. Boys are two times more likely than girls to commit suicide. Boys are 29% less likely to get a college degree than girls.

Warren Farrell was once a feminist movement leader.  But now he says, "I don't agree with the part of feminism that says, 'men are the oppressors and women are the oppressed.' That part of feminism is sick," Farrell tells Maxim Lott, Senior Producer of Stossel on Reason.

Lott asks Farrell about the fact that men have more influence in government and business, and tend to make more money. Farrell answers that a big reason men make more money is because they are filling social expectations to become a family breadwinner.'

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