High School Teacher Suspended For Showing Fox News Documentary About Due Process In College

Article here. Excerpt:

'A high school teacher in the wealthy suburban New York town of Bedford has been suspended for showing his students a Fox News documentary as part of a lesson plan to prepare them for college.
Now he was accused of “incompetence,” among other things. The hearing he was subjected to mirrored, in many ways, the hearings college students accused of sexual assault must endure. While Poplardo was represented by a union lawyer and allowed to cross-examine the evidence against him — both of which college students are not entitled to — he was forced to plead his case before an adversarial panel that included his school’s previous principal, with whom he had a prior incident.

He was also not able to question the person who sent the anonymous tip, as their identity has not been disclosed. Poplardo said no student or parent was spoken to as part of the investigation into his conduct, and the bulk of the lesson plan was ignored; the school focused only on the video, essentially putting Fox News on trial in a liberal district.
Poplardo said this is “a lie that’s being challenged.” He said the settlement included a $3,000 fine, but they also removed him as the JV girls’ softball and soccer coach, and as the advisor to the debate club and advisor to the class of 2020. He said adding up all those positions amounted to around $16,000, not the $3,000 the district is claiming. He also said the district told him he would not be reinstated to those positions.'

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