Mayor of Dallas: Men who don't like Gillette ad are prob OK with hitting women

Article here. Excerpt:

'Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, who led a campaign in recent years to end domestic violence, said he was not surprised by the reaction, even though he finds it troubling.

“This is why domestic violence continues to be a major scourge in America,” he said. “Because some men feel like they have permission to hit women. And maybe those are the people who don’t like the ad.”

Rawlings, a Gillette razor customer and former advertising executive, lauded the ad for depicting men standing up for the rights of women and children. He said his only critique is that the ad didn’t put more of an emphasis on preventing family violence.'

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Men who don't like their sex maligned are clearly wife-beating maniacs.

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The Mayor of Dallas and other self desribed women's advocates show a particularly shallow understanding of people and masculinity. And this says more about them than it does about those who are offended by the racist and gendered hate speech that forms the basis of the Gillette ad.

Women's advocates are surprised that anyone would object to an ad asking men to behave better. I guess the overarching and powerful message in the ad, that all men are knuckle dragging, wife beating misoginist bullies (especially white males), seems to have slipped by unnoticed. Why would anyone complaining about stereotyping people on the basis of their sex and skin color?

Mike Rawlings and the "all men are animals" advocates appear to think it's OK for radical third wave feminists like Kim Gehrig (director of the Gillette ad and other third wave feminist propaganda) and Clementine Ford (prolific hate speech blogger - "kill all men"), with a history of gendered hate speech, to femsplain to men on improving masculinity. More than that, Rawlings states that anyone who disagrees with the way the message is delivered in the Gillette ad is a wife beater (he used his majic 8 ball for that gem). That's Mike Rawlings living his masculinity and that's the feminist model of a reconstructed feminised masculinity, personal abuse and demeaning those who disagree with your beliefs.

There has been an ongoing conversation about masculinity going on for decades. A conversation by men about men covering all these issues, including many women who do not hate men. A conversation poo pooed by main stream feminist dominated media as misogynist MRA raving and ignored by our social science and gender studies (i.e. feminist studies) academics as irrelevant (it wasn't female focused).

If there is to be a conversation about masculinity, it will be by men, without the need for hate speech like "toxic masculinity" and without the gendered hate proliferated by extreme third wave feminists like Kim Gehrig and Clementine Ford.

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... to re-write the social contract w/o asking men for their opinion. I see no reason why men shouldn't do likewise.

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I find it funny how Rawlings has to throw out ad-hominem attacks toward those that disagree with the virtue-signalling ad. It's pretty hypocritical considering its textbook behavior of a bully, something the ad is clearly against.

*Mic Drop*

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