Relationship Coach: 'Modern-Day Feminism is Killing Romance'

Video here. Description:

'DeAnna Lorraine, a relationship coach and author of the book titled 'Make Love Great Again' blames modern-day feminism for the large amount of singles in the U.S.'

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It's not romance that feminism whacked. It's the perceived and actual need for the sexes to be bothered having LTRs. Feminism taught women that men were a number of things: unnecessary, optional, evil, etc. Together these ideas permeated the modern woman's mind and made her all but (if not actually) hostile to men. Men at first responded by apologizing for themselves. That had no effect. Then they tried a couple other things until they realized two things: 1. It wasn't men per se but women's newfound attitude toward men that was the problem, at least from men's POV, and 2. Living w/o women in LTRs was in many respects safer and more enjoyable than living with women in LTRs.

In short, by turning women against men, feminism ultimately did men the favor of allowing men to discover what women have always known: men are generally happier and better-off not being in LTRs with women.

The challenge relationship coaches will have in future is not trying to get women to go for LTRs with men, though the day they suddenly decide they want those again will be decades from now. The challenge will be in convincing men to go for LTRs again with women. That'll be a much bigger challenge. The good news is that our population will collapse and it will provide necessary relief to the planet and its non-human residents.

Personally I am much more satisfied with the Four-Fs thing than I ever was with LTRs so I am fine with things as they are. I may be in the minority on that, but oh well. Not like anyone can do much about it now anyway. The die is cast.

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