Warren fundraising off 'sexism' in tweet referring to her likability

Article here. Excerpt:

'Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is fundraising off a "gendered nonsense" tweet from Politico, which linked to an article drawing comparisons between Warren and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Politico tweet, which has received significant pushback online, posed the question, "How does Elizabeth Warren avoid a Clinton redux — written off as too unlikable before her campaign gets off the ground?"

It was posted shortly after Warren announced she will be forming an exploratory committee to run for the White House in 2020.

"Every woman who’s ever put her name forward for something – and every sensible person who recognizes how smart, powerful women are written about, and the names they’re called – knows what’s going on here," Warren's team wrote in the fundraising email sent out Wednesday.'

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Liz took the bait. SMH. She'll be Hillary II if she allows herself to get played. My guess is she will. Senior pols like her have BIG egos. They see things through a lens crafted over years of being deferred to and agreed with by Yes Men and Yes Women. They think the POV they see things from is "just how everyone sees it". It's betrayed when said pol is a 3rd wave feminist and does things like use women's studies jargon and newspeak in tweets and press releases. They actually think saying things like "We must smash the patriarchy!" will not only be understood by the average voter but also agreed with.

In this case, Liz thinks bemoaning the stack set so much against her because she owns a vagina over an ambiguously interpretable tweet will score her early points in the Dem race.

Liz's biggest problem is the same biggest problem all pols have or don't have: image. TVO lost in 2016 because she had no image with which to appeal. Further, she exacerbated that by doing nothing about it. She didn't campaign. She articulated no platform except "I'm a woman". She had nothing. She ran against a man who was before he started little more than a laughing-stock. But because he actually campaigned and managed his image and had a platform, he won.

Liz looks set to make the same mistake TVO did. She will issue tweets and press releases. She will make a few speeches where, like TVO, she'll come across as a nasty old feminist who'd as soon eat her own young as feed them.

Like it or not, women who come across as anti-maternal are like men who come across as simpering. Neither type succeeds in politics. Even Angela Merckel is maternal, as far as large German women go. (As for Maggie Thatcher, remember the PMs in the UK are all but anointed by the party leaders, not elected by the ppl at large.)

Liz is going to lose to what's-his-name, the guy from Texas, Beto. He in turn will lose to DJT and we'll have four more years of The Yellow-Haired Man.

You read it here first!

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