"The secret not yet told": Women describe alleged abuse by nuns

Story here. Excerpt:

'The gathering comes as CBS News has also learned of several cases involving nuns accused of sexual misconduct. The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests – or SNAP – said it doesn't keep count of sexual abuse allegations, but CBS News' Nikki Battiste has spoken with several women who recently reported misconduct, ranging from forceful kissing to molestation, all carried out by nuns.

When Trish Cahill was 15 years old she said she confided in Sister Eileen Shaw at a convent in New Jersey. Cahill said she told Shaw things she'd never revealed to anyone about her now-deceased uncle – a priest – whom she claims sexually abused her, starting at age five.

"I would have done anything for her. I would have died for her," Cahill said. "She gave me everything that was lacking that I didn't even know I was lacking. I was so broken. She filled in all those pieces."

She now describes that process as "grooming," saying Shaw plied her with drugs and alcohol while teaching her how to have sex with a woman.
"I'm with my friends during the day. And I'm with this pedophile nun on the evenings and on the weekends, and in the summer," Cahill said.'

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The overarching theme is this: it's WEIRD for adults to foreswear sex w/out a VERY good reason. Humans love sex. They almost never renounce it unless they feel they really need to or as in a small no. of cases, they genuinely have no interest in sex.

Alternatives to a celibate religious vocation are numerous. There are all the Protestant sects, incl. Episcopaleanism if you're all about the Mass and white collars. The only reason anyone would opt for celibacy is if they either really, genuinely won't miss sex or if they feel that their idea of it is very wrong.

Peds often know they are wrong to want to diddle children but the urge is as strong in them to get sexual w/ a child as it is in an adult with normative sexuality for other adults. Naturally a ped with a conscience will want to avoid sexual situations.

Suddenly, a celibate religious calling looks good. Women are no exception to this phenomenon.

For those who haven't seen it yet, find "She Stole My Voice" on-line, a film about female-on-female sexual assault/rape. Happens a lot more than anyone cares to admit

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