Ex-Times Now employee apologises 3 yrs after ‘molestation’ case

Article here. Media persons should think before labeling a Man as a Pervert. This man has been suffering for the last 3 years since a girl falsely implicated in harassment case. Reporters who demonized the man have now apologized but a mere sorry is not sufficient. The Girl who has been lying has not even attended court hearing (because she escaped to Canada) while the boy's career has been compromised and life is in ruins. Excerpt:

'A former Times Now employee, who claims to have put out the story on the alleged molestation of St Stephen’s student Jasleen Kaur, has now apologised (in a personal capacity) to the accused, Sarvjeet Singh Bedi, saying he is “ashamed” and “regrets” the episode.

The apology came soon after ThePrint published a story on Sarvjeet Singh’s struggles as proceedings in the case are yet to begin, with Jasleen not having attended a single hearing in the matter till date.'

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