The Ongoing Decline of the American Male

Article here. Excerpt:

'For years now, our government and our culture have bent over backwards creating opportunities for girls and young women. As a result, women now outnumber men in college, graduate school, law school, and medical school. Compared to fifty years ago, many more women are now serving as elected officials in every form of government, more women now make more money than their husbands, and more women sit on corporate boards.
We push our daughters to excel while we decry “toxic masculinity” and “male privilege.” As a result, many of our young women are succeeding in work and life; many of our young men are failing.

We need those young men. We need men who can succeed as their grandfathers once did; we need them to marry and raise strong children as their grandfathers did; we need men as much as women if we are to rebuild the American family.'

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Just when they do they usually march in force and topple governments.

When women want something, they go to men to get it. They wanted to be more like men were in terms of work, etc., so instead of creating their own society, they insisted upon it from men. Then they got it and still do the same thing when wanting more.

There are no men to go to for men to ask things of. When a man wants something, he has to take it. Men are not generally given opportunities the way women are unless they are the sons of elites. For a man to succeed he must make and take his opportunities.

Jefferson said it best. His was an observation not about people in general but about men in particular. He said men are inclined to tolerate bad conditions until they become intolerable, then act to overturn thr circumstances. The nature of men hasn't changed in just over 200 years. Once it gets bad enough, men will act. It just has to get bad enough.

As to the author wanting men to get married -- no. Not going to happen. He can go ask the gov't why if he wants to.

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