Research shows women think sexist men are more attractive than ‘woke’ men

Article here. Excerpt:

'Here’s a warning to all those politically correct “woke” guys out there who jump on feminist bandwagons at a moment’s notice: Girls don’t dig you.

That’s what new research suggests, at any rate.

A study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin says that women prefer men who display “benevolent” sexist attitudes because these indicate men are willing to make an investment  — “protect, provide, and commit” — in a relationship.

Dr. David Ley in Psychology Todaynotes this “benevolent sexism” is “overtly less hostile and misogynistic” than typical sexism, and includes characteristics like believing “women should be ‘put on a pedestal,’” “women should be cherished and protected by men,” and “women are more virtuous than men.”'

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I'm running this for the laugh. "Woke" men are annoying and pusillanimous toward women, hence they are repulsive. "Sexist" men who actually have benevolent attitudes toward women remain objectionable but preferable because they are more useful to women with their nymphotropic attitudes. Men who treat women as equals of course are the worst because women have trouble getting things from them.

I have learned that in re the fairer sex, there is no "winning" because for them, it's largely about your utility to them. "Winning" isn't even a relevant context. Occasionally one genuinely falls in love with a man because of his substance, but that is rare indeed, so much so that you shouldn't ever expect it. The best you can hope for with them is compatibility. To expect much else sets you up for disappointment, etc. Keep your expectations very limited and you will thus avoid much disappointment.

Personally I have utterly stopped giving a rat's ass how women or a woman feel about me or what they think if me. Ultimately it is none of my business. Her opinions and feelings are her issue, not mine, in the same way my opinions and feelings about her are utterly irrelevant to her. My requirements are only this: does she fuck, and a lot? That's ultimately what it comes down to. For, if the sexes didn't have this thing for fucking each other, would they have anything to do with one another? Nope. So that pretty much cinches it.

Sex isn't part of "it". Sex is ALL of "it". Don't fuck? Nice meeting you, there's the door.

When I was younger, rel'ps were all about fucking. Then lit. for decades I tried them being about... whatever else it could be about. I tried repeatedly. Didn't work. Now I keep them all about fucking and it works 100x better. What the girl thinks of me, I could not care less. I only care if she's putting out. If not, sayonara, babe.

I have further discovered that in terms of keeping the pussy coming, having this attitude works REALLY well.

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