Argentina radio host ordered to have feminists on show

Article here. Excerpt:

'Angel Etchecopar must not interrupt his guests for 10 minutes, nor can he criticise them after they finish.

It comes after prosecutors accused him of gender discrimination.

He had used his programme on Radio 10 to attack feminists as "feminazis" and "disgusting people", Le Monde reported.

Prosecutor Federico Vilalba Diaz told La NaciĆ³n newspaper that Etchecopar had been charged with "disrespectful, insulting, denigrating and discriminatory" outbursts against women.

"But Etchecopar came to the inquiry with a repentant attitude and showed himself to be very different from the personality I had seen in the media," Mr Diaz said.'

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Once feminists infiltrate a gov't running a country that has no free speech guarantee, the state can now compel you to remain silent on your own time and dictate what you say or don't say at work and how you do your job.

What you see here is exactly how feminists here in America wish it could be. No criticisms of them allowed. Compelled acquiescence to their dogma. This is why I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. In America, the state cannot compel you to silence nor restrict what you say about anyone or anything.

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