UK: Woman in 'man hating' group chat 'murdered sleeping partner then smoked weed'

Article here. Excerpt:

'A girlfriend who was part of 'man-hating' WhatsApp group stabbed her partner to death as he slept then calmly smoked a spliff, a court heard.

Alex Glanfield-Collis, 25, plunged a knife into partner John Maclean's neck at her London Docklands flat on April 12, it is claimed.

She then allegedly left the 35-year-old to bleed to death and wandered out onto the communal balcony, lit up a joint of cannabis, and drank a beer.

The defendant then allegedly went downstairs and calmly told her 16-year-old step-son she had just murdered his dad.

Glanfield-Collis was part of a WhatsApp group of women called 'The C**t Club' who shared insulting and abusive comments about their boyfriends.'

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Sounds like a terrible relationship, dysfunctional as a textbook case, and she is nutty as fuck. Of course that doesn't let her off the hook but it probably comes as no surprise to anyone who had known them.

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