Boys and Girls Club of Washington Co. hosted their first Future is Female event

Article here. Excerpt:

'For the first time ever the Boys and Girls Club of Washington County put together an event called The Future is Female.

Growing up in a world where social media and online images dominate the minds of impressionable children can be tough, especially young women, that's why the Boys and Girls Club of Washington County put on the Future is Female event.

"A program to help girls build their self esteem and self confidence. Right now they say at the age of 9, young girls begin to say they have low self esteem," said Eric Rollins.

One of the keynote speakers was Hagerstown Councilwoman Emily Keller, who says it's hard to escape bullying, she has had her share of attacks on social media, and she wants the girls to know that you just gotta let it roll off your shoulder.

"Just important to stay above it, and rise above it, and still pursue your dreams, and not let the negativity get to you," said Keller.'

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