Gillibrand’s own sons have no place in her ‘future’

Article here. Excerpt:

'"The future is female.” It’s a favorite slogan of the identity left that has now gone mainstream. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted it on Wednesday, adding that the future is also “intersectional” and “powered by our belief in one another.”

But if the future is female, what happens to our boys? And what message are we sending our present-day girls?

Gillibrand is one of about 30 Democrats considering running for president in 2020, and the tweet suggests she’s seizing some strategic left-wing ground (in a primary field crowded with lefties) by appealing to the Dems’ identity-obsessed base.
Gillibrand has two sons, who apparently aren’t part of the future their mother imagines. They won’t be saved by intersectionality, either. White, male sons of senators will find winning the grievance Olympics to be nearly impossible.

And that’s the problem with our “future is female” moment. It doesn’t so much celebrate women as make them compete in the hierarchy of victimhood in a world we tell them has never been theirs.
Now let’s tally the harms to boys. The slogan tells boys that they don’t matter — or that they belong to the past. The future belongs to women, we openly tell boys and then wonder why they are failing to become the men we’d hoped.

Fewer boys go to college. The number of men out of the workforce has spiked. More men commit suicide. More men live at home with their parents into their 30s than ever.

If the present is male, boys sure don’t seem to know it.

Boys are falling off a cliff, and we’re not doing anything to stop it. We’re making them the demons in the story we tell girls about who is at fault for keeping them down. It’s grotesque, and mothers and grandmothers like Kirsten Gillibrand and Hillary Clinton should know better.'

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... born to a feminist mother.

Hmmm. What would I do if I were her son?

I'd start making incestuous passes at her. I'd repeatedly ask her to boink me until she lost it and screamed "What are you crazy?? I'm your MOTHER for chrissakes! How can I make you stop?!"

I'd reply: "Mother... only and unless you forswear your evil feminist ways, I shall relentless seek incestuous relations with you."

Then I'd watch impassively as she closed her eyes and screamed "NOOOOOOO!!" and pulled at her own hair as she collapsed in a heap of madness and grief, consciousness escaping her.

Hours later she would awaken. Her memory of the whole sordid event, gone. Replaced would be a tranquil look on her face, a vacant smile. She would get up and look at her own business attire on her person and would say "Oh my, these are just... the wrong clothes..." Then she'd scamper off to her bedroom where she'd change into a nice airy print dress that went to her ankles. She'd then head straight to the kitchen and don the maid's apron (you know she has at least one maid) and start making an apple pie.

All memories of her former life as an aspiring wannabe Vile One Jr. would be gone. Her new life as Betty-Fucking-Crocker would be her new normal.

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Democrats say stupid things like this and wonder why Trump won.

What man wants to vote a woman who says the future is female?

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Yes. Feminist men. Ever hear of a "self-hating Jew"? Sometimes the term is used by one Jew to try to discredit another Jew's opinion that he doesn't agree with but if a Jew is actually "self-hating", he or she would have done what psychologists call "internalizing inward-directed other-generated rejection". It's a kind of Stockholm Syndrome only in that case the cause is villification or anti-Semitism and the hostages in the analogy would be Jews.

Male feminists have sort of the same kind of thing going on. The misandry directed at males has been internalized by some men, making them hate their own sex and themselves.

Such fellows are barely tolerated by feminists so much that feminists refer to them only as allies rather than as fellow feminists.

Imagine a Nazi rally where Jews show up in support of the Nazis. Being Jews, the Nazis won't call the Jews "fellow Nazis" but may call them "Jewish allies". The Jews themselves though may call themselves Nazis.

Same idea.

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