India: Women-only plane seating needed to combat sexual assault and midair 'manspread'

Article here. Excerpt:

'Airlines are under pressure to provide separate women's seating to combat the lecherous spread of male passengers over the dividing armrests, amid a surge in midair sexual assaults.

Writing for the South China Morning Post, columnist Kate Whitehead described her experiences with "manspreading" and urged airlines to introduce women-only rows.

"Nine times out of 10 – based on my extensive experience flying 'cattle class' – if a man is seated beside a woman he will claim the armrest. Not only that, but his elbow will protrude slightly into the woman's seat space.

"Unless you are prepared to press your arm against the man's – which will allow you to feel the rise and fall of his breath and is, I feel, too inti­mate a connection with a stranger – then you have lost two inches of your seat."'

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There's no reason really to "genderize" this problem. The bigger issue is airline passengers having far too little room on the planes. It's time airlines started giving passengers a reasonable amount of room esp. given the fact that so many ppl not just in the US but alas all over the world have become lard-assed.

We could de-lard-assify ppl or we could give ppl more room in planes. Which is easier?

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