UK: Man's 'disappointment after being turned away' from women only march through Lincoln

Article here. Excerpt:

'A student from Lincoln claims he was turned away from an a woman's march in the city because of his gender.

Thomas Cansdale says he turned out in the bitterly cold weather to lend his support to Lincolnshire Rape Crisis' 'Reclaim the Night' event on November 24, which saw women walk from Castle Square to St Benedict’s Square.

The 20-year-old attended with his girlfriend Rhian Richards.

But after arriving in good time and chatting to one of the organisers in a hi-viz top, Thomas says he was told he would not be able to join the march - though he could meet up with the group at the end.

His claim has been denied by organisers of the march, who have claimed they did not turn him away, but the rules did prevent men from going on the march.'

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You don't get it, do you? You are the problem. Males ARE the problem. Feminists seek to eradicate males. In the same way a Jew trying to march with Nazis would at the very least be told he could not do so, you are likewise personna non grata.

If gazelles held a march to call for the end of lions hunting them, and a lion asked to join it to support the gazelles, do you think the gazelles would say yes?

I am amazed at how incredibly naive the male feminist is.

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You're being nice again, Matt. :)

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Having supported feminisim in its early days I can understand this poor naive lad trying to support a good cause. Just like his experience I learned very early on that there was a dark hateful under current to modern feminism. That is the "us vs them" third wave misandry feminists who prefer a world only populated with people who are like themselves, and take every opportunity to exclude "others" from that world.
So this lad and his girlfriend need to make a choice. Are they equals who respect each other as autonomous people? Or are they a feminist and her pet boy.

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This is what happens when you are a male feminist. I guess he deserved that.

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