Australia: "What a women-only super fund means for members"

Will be underwritten by sanctimonious "Future Super" fund, which divests from mining, farming, transportation and other industries which provide men with meaningful employment. Link here. Excerpt:

'Through its connection to Future Super, the fund invests ethically and, as well as providing services tailored for women, such as tech-enabled financial coaching, will advocate for a better deal for women.

The fund will, for example, push for more women on the boards of the companies in which it invests and will exclude companies from investment where their is abuse of women in their supply chains.
It should be remembered there are already some terrific super funds with very good long-term returns that, while not women only, have memberships that are dominated by women.

The not-for-profit industry fund, HESTA, comes to mind.
HESTA has more than 860,000 members and has its origins in covering those working the health and community services sectors. More than 80 per cent of its members are women.

Like almost all industry funds, it is public offer, meaning anyone can join. HESTA advocated strongly, with others, for example, to extend compassionate access to super for victims and survivors of family violence, which has been accepted by the government.'

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