Kenya: Botched circumcision of 11 boys probed in Murang’a

Article here. Excerpt:

'The Murang’a government has formed a committee to investigate a case in which 11 boys underwent botched circumcision.

Health executive Joseph Mbai told the Star yesterday that the four-member committee will seek to establish how the exercise was conducted and whether the medics involved were qualified.

The 11 boys had gone for the rite of passage at Wanjengi ACK church in Kahuro subcounty a few weeks ago but were forced to undergo a second cut after their wounds failed to heal.

The boys had earlier been taken to a private hospital for the circumcision by the church but after two weeks, they were taken to Murang’a general hospital where the process was repeated.

Mbai said the team would investigate the private health facility that conducted the cut to establish whether it was licensed and met the required health standards.

“We also want to find out how qualified the doctor who performed the procedure was. If he wasn’t, then the appropriate legal measures will be taken,” Mbai said.'

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