'Male-hater misandrist': Australian feminist Clementine Ford in her own words

Article here. Excerpt:

'Clementine Ford is speaking and a man is shouting.

She's addressing a packed Freeman's Bay Community Hall and he's addressing Hepburn St, yelling into a megaphone just outside the doors of the sold-out speaking event.

As she talks, words like 'reprehensible' and 'disgusting' punctuate her sentences like the echo of a pissed off ghost.

The man with the megaphone isn't alone. He's one of about eight people, mostly male and middle-aged, who have shown up to protest the Australian author's presence.

On Monday, a group called Families 4 Justice sent an email to almost every media outlet and politician in New Zealand voicing their displeasure at Ford's event, with the subject line: 'NO to promoting mens [sic] killing and inciting violence in Auckland Council venues'.'

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