A Middle-Aged Career Woman on the Lies of Feminism She Learned Too Late

Article here. Excerpt:

'Every Wednesday, the second hour of my national radio show is the “Male/Female Hour.” A few weeks ago, a woman named Jennifer called in.

For reasons of space, I have somewhat shortened her comments. Every young woman should read them. This is precisely what she said:
"Somebody asked me the other day, ‘Why did you stay single and never have kids?’ There’s answers: Because I was brainwashed by my mother into this. But it’s hard and it’s shameful to tell people, ‘I don’t know. I ran out of time.’'

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Of course she regrets avoiding housewhoredom, as I call it. Had she played Betty Crocker, she could have been married for say 10 years then ditch the old man and nab the kids and most of his stuff, the house, half his retirement, etc.

Don't buy these ludicrous appeals to going back to "the good old days". The legal system and feminism have shattered that illusion.

Aging vile feminists now regret not whoring themselves out simply bc they are tired of working and don't want to pay their own way. They want to find a man to do it AND put up with their feminist blathering and dry pussies.

No fucking way.

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Sort of explains why victimhood roles are so popular with feminists. It's just so hard to be oppressed when you are empowered, independent and single!
It's much more fun to be the recently emancipated victim of the patriarchy (i.e. divorced) with 1.5 children, a perpetual pay check and the house.
Have to feel sorry for this woman. Having to work for a living and make her own way through life (wait.... that sounds familiar).

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For whatever reason, human females feel entitled to be taken care of by men. When they do all in their power not to be taken care of by men, eventually they say they feel like they didn't get all they naturally had coming because they were not. In short, modern women want to not be taken care of by men and want to be taken care of by men at the same time. If they don't have both, they feel entitled to say they were cheated. Worse, they were victimized. By something. They feel entitled to claim entitlement.

I think it's an evolutionary defect in human females that they seem to expect to be taken care of by males as a default matter. It's evolutionarily maladaptive. A being that avoids wanting to look after itself is naturally at a huge disadvantage.

In short, there may not be a time that we ever see, at least not those of us alive today, a state wherein women do not expect men to take care of them and yet insist that men should not. Feminism not only sets women up to lose in this sense but seems to require it.

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