For boys, all-male environments can be an abusive, toxic place

Article here. Excerpt:

'All-male, fraternal environments such as boys-only schools, sports teams and fraternities magnify these gender dynamics and biases. British psychotherapist Joy Schaverien coined the term “boarding school syndrome” to describe how exclusive, hierarchical boys’ academies such as Eton and Harrow teach young men to be bullies, to be loyal to their clique-ish institution and disdainful of “the other,” to bury their emotions and take pride in their capacity to endure pain, to feel entitled and to dominate those weaker than themselves.

And as would be expected, these hypermasculine societies and arenas not only support a culture of aggression and abuse, but celebrate it as tradition in hazing and initiation rituals that range from mild mortification to severe physical and sexual assault.'

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Meanness, bullying, cliquishness, all of these things occur not in all-male school environments but indeed in all school environments. This is because kids behave this way regardless of where they are sent to school and with whom. Expecting adult/mature behavior from children is unreasonable and to try to apply the same standards to kids of either sex as we do to adults is being out of touch with reality.

Do note comments on this article at the source are mysteriously closed.

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I have quit reading anything that has 'closed comments'. its how the 'free press' gets their propaganda out and makes sure no dissenting voices are heard. just another form of censorship.

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