St. Mark’s Student Creates a Stir With ‘War on Boys’ Editorial

Article here. Excerpt:

'A ridiculous op-ed in the Remarker, St. Mark’s student newspaper, is apparently not going over well at St. Mark’s sister school, Hockaday. The piece is titled “Kavanaugh and the War on Boys.” Click here to read the whole thing, but here’s how it starts:
I’d like to make two points about this op-ed. Well, three. First, it’s terrible. It’s so terrible that I’m not going to bother pointing out precisely why it’s terrible. Because it’s obviously terrible.

Second, no one should be forced to have his high school writing follow him around online for the rest of his life. That’s why I’ve obscured the kid’s name, title, and face in the image of the op-ed I’ve linked to above. I’m so thankful that the internet wasn’t invented until after I got out of college.

Third — and this is the most important point — blame for this embarrassing article falls on the St. Mark’s faculty advisor who oversees the Remarker. This writer needed someone to save him from himself — and have a serious talk with him. Maybe, though, the wider attention this op-ed is generating will give St. Mark’s an opportunity to have a conversation with its entire student body about what the Proud Boys are and why one wouldn’t want to align one’s beliefs with theirs. Also might be a good idea to teach the boys that it’s pretty easy to be in a relationship without fear of being called a rapist.'

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... it's just a question of whose ideology is at play. Sectarian schools teach in the context of a religious ideology. Can't say if it's true or not for this school, but will students also have to be taught in a context of feminist ideology?

Religion and feminism have a lot in common. Both require faith to believe things that either aren't supported by facts or are actually contradictory to them. But unless this school's religious ideology includes female supremacy and misandry, I have trouble seeing how the two will cohabit peacefully.

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Thou shalt never criticize girls and women.

Thou shalt never say anything good about boys or men.

The editorial writer violated both of these commandments, since many of his statements are implied criticism of women and girls.

The guy's got huevos.

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