The heroes at Borderline Bar defy 'toxic masculinity' and demonstrate real sacrifice

Article here. Excerpt:

'Following the tragic shooting at the Borderline Bar in Thousand Oaks this week, where 12 people were shot dead, "Good Morning America" aired an interview with three young women who made it out alive. As they detailed their harrowing tale, they couldn’t help but praise the men, complete strangers to them, who had also been at the bar and heroically shielded them from the shooter.

This young woman’s statement is remarkable: “There were multiple men that got on their knees and pretty much blocked all of us ... ready to take a bullet for any single one of us,” she says, in awe.'

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... a man not to be toxic, he has to be a human shield for a woman.

I note that no report says a woman or women provided the same service for anyone else.

Men become human shields and are praised while the women who got shielded receive no suggestion that maybe they could have acted as shields for the men.

Will one day in a similar situation will we see groups of women shield men with their bodies and when that day comes will the public be fine with it? Or will they condemn the men for cowardliness?

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should go on the shopping channel and sell bracelets that block bullets, just like the ones wonder woman has. probably sell out.

someone taught these guys that women are better, and worth more than men. my dad believed it. its amazing what people will believe, and yet refuse to let go of obviously flawed info. look how long it took to get people to even talk about medical pot to help relieve peoples' pain and suffering. decades. so called Christians w/o compassion have always rubbed me wrong, like our x-a.g. and then there were lawyer-Christians. oxymoron if ever was. steal and pervert all week. lead the prayers on sunday. retch.

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