The World Needs Fathers

Article here. Excerpt:

'Which leads me to the issue at hand. America needs more good men. America needs fathers to be present and there. America needs men to work, earn, protect and provide for their families. America needs men to treat women and children with a higher regard than society seems to currently favor. American needs fathers to be an example of true manhood and success.

I know it’s not politically correct to say this — but it seems like a major problem with violence, abuse, mass shootings and attacks is fatherlessness.

What do the Parkland, Newtown, Thousand Oaks and the racist SC murderers all have in common? Single motherhood and absent fathers.
"Consider a joint federal study showing that 63 percent of youth suicides are from fatherless homes; as often as not, mass shooters are simultaneously suicidal. Robert Sampson, a Harvard sociologist, has observed that urban violence is concentrated in neighborhoods with mostly single-parent homes. A Michigan State University study found 75 percent of examined adolescent murderers were from fatherless homes. The Centers for Disease Control says 85 percent of children with behavioral disorders have only a mother in the home."'

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But to have more fathers, we need to protect the rights of fathers as much as we enforce their responsibilities and obligations. No Western government does that: they treat fathers as having one purpose--to pay for the reproductive choices of women. They're a source of forced income, nothing more. Which means that fathers are treated as a slave/criminal class--and when you treat fathers as slaves and criminals, their sons grow up to be slaves and criminals. We give them no choice, except to completely avoid marriage and fatherhood--a choice more and more men are making.

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