London's top doctor steps down from all-male panel, replaced by female colleague

Article here. Excerpt:

'"It turns out that this is a ‘manel’ (all-male panel), which means that I would withdraw,” Dr. Chris Mackie, the medical officer of health at the Middlesex-London Health Unit, wrote on Twitter Monday in response to a tweet publicizing his scheduled appearance.
Mackie himself announced the issue as resolved on Twitter Tuesday, writing that, after speaking to organizers, the “manel issue” had been addressed and that he was impressed with the level of understanding organizers showed of the issue.

“I think it is an important issue to be raised because we don’t get the best panels when we don’t seek out expert women,” he said to The Free Press.'

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... and I was going to lead your brain surgery team. I am in fact top in my field. But I noticed... the other 2 doctors booked to work on you are also men. Well I can't support that. So I am stepping aside and am going to let my colleague Dr. Jones replace me.

She's only been cutting brains for two years. She is a bit new, yes. But she's a woman. And that's important. We need diversity on the team.

You'll be fine."

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Because it matters not that you have a group of experts. What really matters is that the group has a perfectly even ratio when it comes to genitalia shape A and genitalia shape B. That is clearly more important, amirite?! [/s]

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